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Links of interest 10/30/2011

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Links of interest 10/27/2011

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Links of interest 10/22/2011

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Links of interest 10/19/2011

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Links of interest 10/17/2011

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2011-10-14 ACTEM 2011 SEEDlings Geek of the Week LIVE

Chat and Links

 mrichme ->  Welcome Peggy!
 PeggyG ->  hi! looking forward to this
 PeggyG ->  are you at the conference?
 mrichme ->  I am
 PeggyG ->  it sounds fantastic!! Isn't Tony Vincent awesome??!!
 PeggyG ->  Hi Cheryl
 PeggyG ->  Hi Cathy-are you at the conference?
 Cathy E ->  nope - just saw your message on skype
 PeggyG ->  :-)
 mrichme ->  @Peggy  Tony has been A-MAZE-ING and Lucy Gray is here as well.
 PeggyG ->  wow!!!
 PeggyG ->  wish I were there!
 mrichme ->  Alice Barr is up first
 mrichme ->  She is showing Tony's A/B switch that he uses for VGA connections
 PeggyG ->  sure hope Cheryl can get the stream going
 mrichme ->  I think she is talking about ustreaming it
 PeggyG ->  cool!! thanks for keeping the info coming mrichme
 mrichme ->  They are recording it for a later podcast
 PeggyG ->  saw that about ustream
 teknochops ->  Best one at ACTEM
 mrichme ->
 mrichme ->  Evernote is being showcased right now
 mrichme ->  the app MotionMath is being showcased right now
 PeggyG ->  can't get that link to work
 mrichme ->  Mike Arsenault is showcasing Newspaper Map
 mrichme ->
 mrichme -> is the latest presentation
 PeggyG ->  Hi Lucy
 teknochops ->  I like Piclits
 cheryloakes ->  trying to ustream
 mrichme ->  Zombies vs. Literacy app
 PeggyG ->  Sounds like you're having a fabulous conference!!!
 PeggyG ->  I love Piclits!! :-)
 mrichme ->  AASL Top 25 Websites for Teaching and Learning is being shown now
 PeggyG ->  We had the creator, Terry Friedlander do a show for us on Classroom 2.0 LIVE
 PeggyG ->  thanks a lot for posting the links!!
 teknochops ->  Who is that guy on the Ustream?
 PeggyG ->  watching the stream now on ustream but different chat
 mrichme ->  Bob Sprankle is showing PhotoStreaming in iOS5 and the new VoiceThread app for the iOS
 mrichme ->  Cheryl is showing the voice capability with a Google Search
 mrichme ->  with Chrome
 mrichme -> is being showcased right now
 mrichme ->  The ability to find similar types of authors
 mrichme ->
 mrichme ->  Online teleprompter
 mrichme ->
 mrichme ->  Visualization of the news headlines
 mrichme ->
 mrichme ->
 PeggyG ->  Qwiki is really interesting. I subscribe to their dailt news
 PeggyG ->  daily...
 mrichme ->  I do too Peggy
 mrichme ->  I feel like I get a recap of a historical fact each day
 mrichme ->  Lucy Gray is up
 PeggyG ->  I'm thrilled to have voicethread on mt iphone--can view all of the voicethreads in my account
 mrichme ->  Google A Day
 mrichme ->
 teknochops ->  Voicthread rocks
 teknochops ->  THere is some cost, but low if you want to import/manage class
 PeggyG ->  oh no!  don't stop!!!
 mrichme ->
 PeggyG ->  that site looks amazing!
 mrichme ->  The person who is showcasing it has been using it in preparation for the State Assessment
 mrichme ->  It has been designed by the people from Worcester PolyTech Institute
 mrichme -> for examining how websites are constructed
 mrichme -> for shortening a website
 mrichme ->
 PeggyG ->  found it :-) love that site
 PeggyG ->  what do we type in on shoutkey?
 mrichme ->  rim
 PeggyG ->  cooL!! got it!
 mrichme ->  Patrick Larkin is stepping up
 mrichme ->  Socrative
 mrichme ->
 mrichme ->  or
 mrichme ->  room 407
 mrichme ->  oops 4047
 PeggyG ->  I entered my response
 PeggyG ->  thanks a lot for sharing the liks mrichme!!
 PeggyG ->  links...
 PeggyG ->  have a great day!!
 mrichme ->  No Problem Peggy!
 mrichme ->  Talk to you soon
 PeggyG ->  :-)

Links of interest 10/16/2011

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ACTEM 2011 Workshop

Google Apps for Ed in the English and Social Studies Classroom

Design activities for your English and Social classroom that promote the collaborative process through the use of Google tools. Current classroom models will be provided. Time will be given to create your own classroom activity. 

Links of interest 10/13/2011

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Links of interest 10/11/2011

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Links of interest 10/04/2011

  • The EDKB Wiki is a database that makes available the various interests, talents, and resources of the English Department community. See the Main Page to learn more about the EDKB. The wiki does not offer information on current course offerings, nor is it a comprehensive archive of materials related to all past courses. Visit the English Department home page for this type of information.

    "Toy Chest" collects online or downloadable software tools/thinking toys that humanities students and others without programming skills (but with basic computer and Internet literacy) can use to create interesting projects. Most of the tools gathered here are free or relatively inexpensive (exceptions: items that are expensive but can be used on a free trial basis). Also on this page are "paradigms"--books, essays, digital projects, etc.--that illustrate the kinds of humanities projects that software thinking tools/toys might help create.

    tags: web2.0tools Curriculum:LanguageArts projectbasedlearning

  • Whether you’re a new or seasoned Twitter user, you likely come across confusing hashtags that probably look like a bunch of nonsense.

    tags: twitter hashtags education

  • A Web Whiteboard is touch-friendly whiteboard app that lets you use your computer, tablet or smartphone to easily draw sketches, collaborate with others and share them with the world.

    Works on all modern browsers, no installation needed.

    tags: web2.0tools whiteboard collaboration interactive

  • Leading up to the annual conference of INOTE, the Irish National Organisation for Teachers of English, at the end of next week, here is a start on a list of useful websites for English teachers (not as a foreign or second language, but as a 'humanities' subject). 'Useful' actually means recommended - this is a 'curated' list, and very much evolving.

    The list will be updated almost every day, so feel free to suggest more sites, with a brief comment, by the comments section underneath the post, or by Twitter via @sccenglish. Starting with Shakespeare, and continuing with General Poetry and English Teaching.

    tags: Curriculum:LanguageArts english

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Arab Spring Project

We were lucky enough to have Wes Fryer visit Yarmouth High School on Wednesday. Wes presented Deepening our Learning Through Storytelling. He also raffled off his new book: Playing With Media.

Wes met with teachers afterwards and helped us work further on The Arab Spring Project.

Wes, Thank you so much! It's always great to work with you. Your enthusiasm and energy are a joy to be around!

Google Geo Institute

On September 26th and 27th, I attended the Google Geo Institute at The University of Southern Maine in Lewiston/Auburn. The two mornings sessions were presentations and the afternoons were split between learning Google Earth and Google SketchUp. I enjoyed Toby Lester's speech about the Fourth Part of the World (his website is fantastic) and the Giant map of North America.

It was fun to have Wes Fryer, Mike Arsenault, Kern Kelley, and Cindy Lane there to hang out with. I also enjoyed meeting a number of people from all over including Jerome Burg, Michael Hathorn, Bill Bass and "The Montana Guys". Thanks to Tina and Alyson from Google and MICDL for hosting us!