Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Innovator's Mindset Conference #IMMOOC

On Friday October 7th, Yarmouth High School hosted a day-long conference for 2 school districts. George Couros (@gcouros) keynoted and inspired all of us with his stories about empathy and relationships. This was followed by two Breakout sessions with presenters from the 2 districts as well as some of our PLN from around the State. Lunch was organized by job-alike rooms so participants could cross pollinate. The afternoon was set up as an EdCamp. Participants pitched ideas for all kinds of sessions. The hashtag for the day was #yfinnovate. We even managed to trend!

We were so excited from the anecdotal feedback we got all day. People seemed excited to have choices about the sessions they went to and enjoyed the mix of the 2 schools. This became more apparent as the EdCamp sessions were designed. Some were job-alike discussions and some were follow-ups to the morning sessions.  Judging from the feedback, people got a lot out of this day and we hope to be able to offer something similar in the future. I so appreciate the superintendents of both districts modeling an innovation mindset by accepting and following through on this day. I am excited about the possibilities for the future.

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