Sunday, October 02, 2016


Saturday I attended the #STEMMEDCAMP. I really enjoyed the smaller group and getting to know the participants. I went to three sessions - STEM and Google, Google Cardboard and STEM, and Breakout Edu - Digital Edition.

STEM and Google - we looked at Google Classroom as a way to help students and teachers organize their work.
Google Cardboard and STEM - the question was asked - How can we use this in our classrooms. Many participants hadn't seen Cardboard, so after a demo, we didn't have a lot of time for discussion. I look forward to more discussion on this topic!
Breakout Edu - Digital Edition -  I knew about this website, but what I didn't know was how amazing the games are. Sonja and Amy did a great job taking us through one of the easier games and gave a lot of tips and tricks for using the games with students. I love how these games promote the 4 C's and can see some ways to fit these into the high school schedule.

My first idea is to think about using Breakout Digital with students in freshman study hall. The time is exactly half the study hall time and would be fun to do with small groups. I also want to offer this to students as an option in our Brain Candy blog. I need to think a little bit more about how to organize it.

Jim, Alice, and I worked as a team on Evil Doctor Elgoog. While we didn't finish, it was great to work together. I'm not sure I would have thought of all the clues without their help. It was so much fun, I kept going the next morning and finally figured it out. I think students would love these games!

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