Friday, June 28, 2013

Cool little hack: Adding my Reading list from Pocket as a blog post

A lot of people probably already know how to do this, but I wanted to share this in case it helps anyone!

I used to have a Posterous account where I posted items that I was reading and wanted to share with my classes or teachers. On the sidebar of my blog was a little feed to the articles.  Posterous has shut down, so I now save links that I want read to Pocket. I really liked having the articles on the sidebar and I still wanted to be able to replicate something like I used to have , so here's what I did:

 First, I used IFTT. If you've never used IFTTT, it has all kinds of cool tools to help you automate things.  I used a recipe for Pocket created by arunchathamvelil. When a new item gets saved in Pocket, then create a blog post with the date and a label. I set up the title of the blog post to be the name of the article and the data. The recipe automatically creates the post and puts the caption with the URL to the article. I added a label of "reading".

I next wanted to have a gadget in my sidebar and have an RSS feed to the label Reading. On my blog, I clicked on the label reading and it pulled up the two posts I had under that label. I used an RSS gadget and I copied and pasted the URL from the label above into it. But it didn't work. It was pulling everything from my blog, like a regular RSS feed. However, I googled how to make an RSS feed from a label and voilĂ  I got So now I have a little Sidebar that has a list of my reading from Pocket!

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