Thursday, August 04, 2011

Thank you USMEPC512

What a rockin' class! I worked with 7 superstars this past week. 7 wonderful teachers that gave up a week of summer to drink from a fire hose. It can be hard to process so much information (especially when it's 1 semester packed in to a week), but you graciously took it all in stride. It's so great that we have folks like you that are working in and soon to be entering Maine classrooms. What lucky students! And I learned so much from you. You blog posts and final reflections keep encouraging me to continue the crusade for great teaching and learning using technology. I hope to continue the conversation. See you in the blogoshpere and on Twitter. Keep up the great work!

Thanks also to Lucy Gray for Skyping with the class and to Bill Ferriter for writing Teaching the iGeneration, a terrific book for first time learners to social media tools.

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