Sunday, October 21, 2018

Teaching and Technology Course - Final Projects

Every year we offer a technology course for teachers that runs from June through October. The purpose is to give teachers time to come up with new and innovative ideas for their classroom. We love the format because it's 3 days in June, a half day in September, and a full day in October when we share out the projects. Teachers can take the class for recertification hours, or if they attend the entire class with an online portion, they can receive 3 credits towards the salary scale.

Every year we are blown away by what teachers accomplish. Because of the gaps in the dates, teachers have time to try various activities in their classrooms with students. During the three days in June, teachers pitch their final project to a small group (similar to shark tank) which includes a student and receive feedback. They then have the summer to tweak it. In September, they have help from student assistants as well as the three tech integrators.  This year we had the added bonus of having A.J. Juliani visit. The impact of his message on final projects was clear. It is amazing to see the changes that have happened from June to October.

The projects are listed here and the descriptions can be found at #ysdchat

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