Monday, November 02, 2015

Digital Discussion

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All 9th graders participate in 4 sessions about Digital Citizenship before the first quarter ends. We want to help students understand how the core values fit into their online lives. We also want to expose students to appropriate online practices and help them make good choices about their digital lives.

Digital Discussion Website
  1. Kick off: Digital Compass Activity - Students view a scenario about a dilemma. They choose the answer that they think fits. 
  2. Session 1: Digital Footprint - All students participate in this session in small groups of 10. They watch 2 videos, do a reading and then have a discussion. This is followed by a time for reflection.
  3. Session 2: Choice between MultitaskingPrivacy, and Digital Overload. They follow the same format as Session 1
  4. Session 3: Choice between MultitaskingPrivacyDigital OverloadDigital Activism, and Be a Creator. They follow the same format as Session 1
  5. Session 4: Students create a product based on one of the sessions they attended. Here's an example of a project.

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