Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Professional Development: Try 1 New Thing

40 minutes during faculty meeting

For my intro, I put together a short page of resources. I asked teachers and staff members to look over the page and experiment. They had 30 minutes to play. I then asked them to choose 1 thing to try for the next month. At the end, I asked for a couple of standouts. Rowcall, Desmos, Lucidchart - (taking a bulleted list and making a mind map), and organizing Google Docs were highlighted as particularly useful. They loved having the choice of tools to explore.

I am going to a follow up at the next meeting and see which tools and addons staff are using. I have long loved the concept of trying just one thing to see if it works with students and then building upon it. Of course, we always want to think of purpose first. 

The timing of our trying one new thing has synced with EdTechTeam's #onenewthing Twitter contest. Maybe teachers will tweet their new learning!

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