Friday, March 27, 2015

Google Jamboree

Mike Arsenault, Cathy Wolinsky, and I went as a team to the Google Boston Headquarters to join other educators for the Google Jamboree hosted by EdTechTeacher. The message for the day was about preparing students to be thoughtful, flexible and constant learners.

I went to two sessions - the first by Tom Daccord on students as creators. He showed Chrome extension and Drive add ons in purposeful ways. He showed only a few examples and I was most excited about This works inside of Google Drive and allows students to take notes which sync at specific times in a You Tube video. Some excellent ways to use Google Draw were shown. I think I want to use this more with students.

The second session was using video in student projects with Greg Kuloweic. I appreciated how he set up the session. He gave us an overview, we then worked in small groups and did some brainstorming. He taught up some more and then we did the work. Then we shared out. We learned a lot about managing video in Google Drive and Choose Your Own Adventure Stories.


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