Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Morocco: Rabat to Fes

This past December I visited Lyne and Drew Sayles in Morocco. It's been on my bucket list and I am happy to say it was a fabulous place to visit.

Lyne came up with suggested places to go. And she did not disappoint. Morocco is a wonderful mix of culture, both first and their world. The food is amazing and oh yes, there are LOTS of stairs! A few people asked for the itinerary after seeing my pictures on Facebook, so here's a start.

I flew Boston > Paris > Rabat. Morocco is only 5 hours ahead of EST so the trip was easy. After a lovely evening and meeting some friends, we headed out to Fes. The medina in Fes is made up of 9,000 alleys, twisting and turning every direction! There are no vehicles inside. You go down, down, down, in to the center of the medina where there are souks of every kind. I had fun looking at carpets and had to turn my nose up in the tannery. Then up, up, up to come back out. There are so many doors and mosques to look at along the way. Stairs are everywhere, most of them narrow. It seems as though everything is built on top of something else.

Hotel: Riad Rempart de Fez
Special Spots:

I'll be posting the rest of the trip as I upload more pictures.

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