Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weekly Links (weekly)

  • Mind blown! Tech tools! @alicebarr @fontainepn @JLenore24 #gafesummit #gearedup #mindblown
  • #gafesummit A wealth of information from Open the Classroom Door with @alicebarr So many ideas!
  • Kids know how to use laptops, but don’t know how to learn with them. They need skills of creation. @alicebarr #gafesummit
  • Fantastic idea from @alicebarr at CT #gafesummit to use a google doc for student generated notes taking turns for students to take notes!
  • @alicebarr Open the Classroom Door! Helping organize kids! #gafesummit #gearingup
  • #FF EdTech Leaders @Joe_Mazza @E_Sheninger @atemyshorts @alicebarr @johnccarver @kuzojoe Friday Follow

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