Friday, April 13, 2012

Not Just for Middle Schoolers

By Alice Barr, Instructional Technology Integrator, Yarmouth High School

Yarmouth High School has extended Maine's MLTI program to its grade 9-12 students with gratifying results.

In 2002, Maine initiated the Maine Learning Technology Initiative. Every 7th grader in the state received a laptop, which remained with that student through middle school. In 2004, when the first class of MLTI students reached the ninth grade, our district grappled with the question: what next? The Yarmouth School Department superintendent at the time, Dr. Ken Murphy, had heard Angus King speak and shared the then-governor’s belief that technology immersion could be transformational for teaching and learning. Since the state-funded program did not extend to high school students, Yarmouth chose to self-fund the laptops for Grade 9 and all high school teachers. We then added one grade per year.

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