Sunday, October 16, 2011

2011-10-14 ACTEM 2011 SEEDlings Geek of the Week LIVE

Chat and Links

 mrichme ->  Welcome Peggy!
 PeggyG ->  hi! looking forward to this
 PeggyG ->  are you at the conference?
 mrichme ->  I am
 PeggyG ->  it sounds fantastic!! Isn't Tony Vincent awesome??!!
 PeggyG ->  Hi Cheryl
 PeggyG ->  Hi Cathy-are you at the conference?
 Cathy E ->  nope - just saw your message on skype
 PeggyG ->  :-)
 mrichme ->  @Peggy  Tony has been A-MAZE-ING and Lucy Gray is here as well.
 PeggyG ->  wow!!!
 PeggyG ->  wish I were there!
 mrichme ->  Alice Barr is up first
 mrichme ->  She is showing Tony's A/B switch that he uses for VGA connections
 PeggyG ->  sure hope Cheryl can get the stream going
 mrichme ->  I think she is talking about ustreaming it
 PeggyG ->  cool!! thanks for keeping the info coming mrichme
 mrichme ->  They are recording it for a later podcast
 PeggyG ->  saw that about ustream
 teknochops ->  Best one at ACTEM
 mrichme ->
 mrichme ->  Evernote is being showcased right now
 mrichme ->  the app MotionMath is being showcased right now
 PeggyG ->  can't get that link to work
 mrichme ->  Mike Arsenault is showcasing Newspaper Map
 mrichme ->
 mrichme -> is the latest presentation
 PeggyG ->  Hi Lucy
 teknochops ->  I like Piclits
 cheryloakes ->  trying to ustream
 mrichme ->  Zombies vs. Literacy app
 PeggyG ->  Sounds like you're having a fabulous conference!!!
 PeggyG ->  I love Piclits!! :-)
 mrichme ->  AASL Top 25 Websites for Teaching and Learning is being shown now
 PeggyG ->  We had the creator, Terry Friedlander do a show for us on Classroom 2.0 LIVE
 PeggyG ->  thanks a lot for posting the links!!
 teknochops ->  Who is that guy on the Ustream?
 PeggyG ->  watching the stream now on ustream but different chat
 mrichme ->  Bob Sprankle is showing PhotoStreaming in iOS5 and the new VoiceThread app for the iOS
 mrichme ->  Cheryl is showing the voice capability with a Google Search
 mrichme ->  with Chrome
 mrichme -> is being showcased right now
 mrichme ->  The ability to find similar types of authors
 mrichme ->
 mrichme ->  Online teleprompter
 mrichme ->
 mrichme ->  Visualization of the news headlines
 mrichme ->
 mrichme ->
 PeggyG ->  Qwiki is really interesting. I subscribe to their dailt news
 PeggyG ->  daily...
 mrichme ->  I do too Peggy
 mrichme ->  I feel like I get a recap of a historical fact each day
 mrichme ->  Lucy Gray is up
 PeggyG ->  I'm thrilled to have voicethread on mt iphone--can view all of the voicethreads in my account
 mrichme ->  Google A Day
 mrichme ->
 teknochops ->  Voicthread rocks
 teknochops ->  THere is some cost, but low if you want to import/manage class
 PeggyG ->  oh no!  don't stop!!!
 mrichme ->
 PeggyG ->  that site looks amazing!
 mrichme ->  The person who is showcasing it has been using it in preparation for the State Assessment
 mrichme ->  It has been designed by the people from Worcester PolyTech Institute
 mrichme -> for examining how websites are constructed
 mrichme -> for shortening a website
 mrichme ->
 PeggyG ->  found it :-) love that site
 PeggyG ->  what do we type in on shoutkey?
 mrichme ->  rim
 PeggyG ->  cooL!! got it!
 mrichme ->  Patrick Larkin is stepping up
 mrichme ->  Socrative
 mrichme ->
 mrichme ->  or
 mrichme ->  room 407
 mrichme ->  oops 4047
 PeggyG ->  I entered my response
 PeggyG ->  thanks a lot for sharing the liks mrichme!!
 PeggyG ->  links...
 PeggyG ->  have a great day!!
 mrichme ->  No Problem Peggy!
 mrichme ->  Talk to you soon
 PeggyG ->  :-)

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