Friday, April 01, 2011

Students present Laptops and Learning

On Friday, March 25th 5 sophomores from Yarmouth High School were invited to present to Bonny Eagle High School faculty for their Staff Development Day. The day was primarily technology focused, so they asked our students to talk about how they learn with laptops. The 5 students did their presentation in Google Docs so they could work on it outside of school. I checked in on the work the last day with 1 student helping me edit and tweak. This was a great process because the students are so busy and it's hard to get them together.

They presented on a podium in front of about 250 people. It was quite an experience! After presenting they took questions from the audience. They then were available to work with teachers in Google Apps sessions led by Cathy Wolinsky and Mike Arsenault, tech integrators from our district. We ask students to help us as much as possible when working with teachers. Students can give valuable feedback and suggestions on classroom projects. The students also learn what goes in to planning a project for students.

Here is the video of the entire presentation:

Here is just the questions and answer section. If you watch any of this one, go from 9:16 to the end. 

Thanks to Alex, Mackenzie, Jake, Jackson and Drew!
For more of our student work you can go to Yarmouth's You Tube Channel

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